Our services

Are you ready to start your DREAM BUSINESS  but don’t know where to begin?  At Wynn & Wynn Business Solutions, LLC, we are a full -service small business consulting firm that’s fully equipped to help you with your small business start-up needs. Services offered include the following:


Marketing Consulting Services. Behind every successful business is an aggressive marketing campaign. Gaining new clients and market share are essential to the growth of your business. Many self-employed individuals do not have the time needed to run a successful social media campaign.


Social Media Campaign

Blogging- Writing of 1-2 original blogs of 300-600 words each week. Blogs will be composed from information related to tease short bits of info about your industry with references to your business. Posts will be blasted out to Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media accounts you have. All articles will be written under your name. Blog articles will be posted on WordPress and link back to your website.


Twitter – Writing and posting unique tweets of 2-3 posts a day 5 days a week for 40 – 60 tweets a month with existing twitter account.


Website Design

Create an exclusive professional website that is fast, fully functional and easy to navigate


Business Plans

Create a detailed business for your small business needs


Resume/CV Writing

 Looking to land your dream job? We design and update resumes and cover letters that are designed to get the attention of hiring managers.

Wynn & Wynn Business Solutions LLC will help you with all your business needs. Schedule your FREE initial consultation today. Let us help you stay ahead of the competition and make your dreams come true!